Buy and sell at any time, exercise with cash settlement

User Friendly

Intuitive easy-to-use trading platform


Options on various ERC-20 with low gas fees


Decentralized, on-chain pricing, anonymous, and fully collateralized

Trade assets
you can't  trade anywhere else.

With Siren, DeFi options have the same accessibility, flexibility, and control as TradFi.

Buy options for any ERC20 token or coin.
Trade fully-collateralized options on demand.
Hedge yourself from downside risk.

Earn greater yields that keep on coming. 🐋

Liquidity providers earn sustainable yields on their favorite altcoins regardless of the bear/bull market cycle.

Easily earn options premiums on any altcoin.
Choose from several short- or long-side pools.
Simplified withdrawals and less variable returns, now with Siren Lemuria.

Siren Tradewind

Our partnerships provide powerful liquidity and options trading solutions for DeFi projects.

Launch options for your project token with Siren to give your community multiple ways to engage with and hodl your asset.

Polygon (Matic)

Polygon (Matic Network) and SIREN Markets launch MATIC Call options on SIREN Tradewind
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Kyber Network

Kyber Network and SIREN Markets support Call options for KNC on SIREN Tradewind
Learn More

DeFi Pulse (DPI)

DeFi Pulse and SIREN Markets announce call options for DPI Index on SIREN Tradewind
Learn More

Your Project

• Create additional sink for tokens
• Increase community holding
• Market collaboratively
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Protocol Security

Systemic Auditing
Siren continuously audits its code and contracts for maximum protocol security and bug resistance.
View our audit reports
Open Source
Siren is open source and on-chain.
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Bug Bounty
We are in partnership with Immunify with a $100K Bounty program to help uncover vulnerabilities.
See our Immunefi program

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